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 Dragon Academy

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PostSubject: Dragon Academy   Dragon Academy Icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 9:34 pm

Dragon Academy

School for the gifted

The school, created a few years ago by Lillian Blackwater. She created the school for those kids with special powers. She thought the school would bring peace for both worlds, but she was wrong. When students started arriving, the school is now a big target in Merbia. A group has gathered up and Lillian is now scared for those who are attending. The group calls themselves The Owners. They believe that there are too many people with magic powers already existing in world.

What will happen now? No one is sure, but Lillian is keeping this secret from the students, and even her own daughter. She doesn't want to scare anyone, but she is warning the teachers about this. She wants to make sure the teachers are fully aware on the matter of The Owner situation.

What will happen to the students that are currently at the school? Will The Owners get what they want? Or will Lillian be able to keep her students and staff safe?

This is a story of good versus evil, but what happens when 95% of the good side doesn't know about the evil?

Welcome to Dragon Academy

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Dragon Academy
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