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 4th Generation

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PostSubject: 4th Generation   4th Generation Icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2009 6:17 pm

The Fourth Generation

The fourth generation of ninjas. What has happened since then? All the previous ninjas have had children, and their children have had children and etc. Now, the children that are currently here are apart of something bigger than they will ever suspect.

What has happened during these years? A giant war broke out and only four of the original villages remain. This includes: The Leaf Village, the Sand Village, the Sound Village, and the Village Hidden in the Waterfall. All other villages have been wiped out. Some new villages are being created and this includes two main ones: the Moon Village and the Sun Village.

The characters we all knew have passed on and now it is up to their decedents to take control and restore the world to what it once was. But the Akatsuki are starting back up thanks to Itachi's decedent. They are trying to stop the villages from starting back up.

The villages that remain are starting to take sides. The Leaf, Sand, and Moon are in an alliance with one another, along with the Sound, Waterfall, and Sun. It is feared that another war will be starting sooner than necessary. The new Hokage's are expected to stop this up bringing in the new war, but there is nothing they can do to stop the tension.

Are you going to take part?

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4th Generation
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