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 Isle of Fable

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Isle of Fable

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The Island of Fable has been around for a very long time. The Magyks have always inhabited it. The order was kept by the eldest Magycian, and he or she was respected by all--entrusted with the well-being of everyone on the island.

400 years ago, the humans came to Fable and they were met by Jack, who had been the Keeper of the Island for going on 46 years by then. It was a peaceful transition, Jack working with the King to keep the peace between the Magyks and the humans. It was a wonderful setup. Things went well, the humans and Magyks lived peacefully together, the Magyks living under the King's rule, but looking still to Jack at the King's side.

Of course this peace wasn't meant to last, it never really is. After 400 years, and six Kings, the peace broke. It wasn't between the Magyks and the humans, no. Some of the humans rebelled from the King and the Magyks. They thought the Magyks were dangerous, plotting against them. This got quite a few followers, and the King did allow them to leave as long as they did so peacefully, and he would give them a piece of land to the north. This did happen and over the past 100 or so years the names "Norms" for the humans living in the north and "Myths" for those in the south have come about. Mostly from the people in the north who over the years have come to think of the Magyks as myths who are hardly around anymore. They are of course wrong, as the Magyks thrive in the south under the rule of the King with Jack the Enchanter at his side.

As of now, things are still peaceful, though as has been predicted, there is a tension in the air between the two halves of the island. It seems the Norms plan to attack. They want more land and refuse to negotiate with the Myths to the south.

[/size][size=1][blockquote]We now have a new plot & skin. Major parts in this plot are open, namely the one it's focused around, Alcott.[/blockquote]
Everywhere around there was whispering, I could feel the excitement of news in the air. The entire castle was abuzz with this silent frenzy. They'd silence as I'd walk by, just watching me with a strange look, all I could offer was an off smile, confused by what was going on. Did I have a visitor? The only thing I could think of was one of the Norms had come down to speak, but that was unlikely so I headed for the meeting hall where the King's council had gathered upon my request. Not the whole council, simply the Magyk part--a regular meeting that was called every month, surely that wasn't what this excitement was about.

I stepped into the room and immediately my head was spinning as I had come in on an argumentative debate. It only took them all a moment to notice I was there and the room feel into a hush. I gave them the same smile I'd given the others earlier because they too were looking at me in that strange way. I looked to History for an explanation but her thoughts were silent. The room filled with quiet whispering then finally I heard someone clear their throat. It was one of the Shifters who had seemingly conjured up the courage to explain what was going on.

"Jack, we think your father is still alive..."

The entire room went silent once more, waiting for my reaction. I just stood there, my eyes wide and mouth hanging open a bit.

My father was alive??


It has been 886 years since Alcott was seen on the Isle of Fable. Reports said he had died along with his dragon while he was coming back from one of his trips back to England. Now there are rumors circulating around the return of the island's founder. Excitement is buzzing on the whole Island, even to the North. Rumors have indeed spread into the Norm camp, only the Leader knows what the rumors are about--the other Norms do not know the real history of the Island, they are not taught about the Island. Even he is excited about the possible return of this man of legend.

People assume that the current Keeper, Alcott's son Jack, is ecstatic about the return of his father, but those close to him can sense this isn't true. Only his brother knows that Jack is worried. Alcott would bring news that the Island may not be ready for, he could also have changed drastically from the man he was. And what if he really wasn't there, then the people of Fable will be disappointed and that's just a crushing blow for Jack. Sure he loves his father dearly, but it's been 886 years and things have changed.
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Isle of Fable
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