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 The Artifacts

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PostSubject: The Artifacts   The Artifacts Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 4:44 pm

Centuries ago A Legendary person or rather I say demon roamed all realms of earth. The population as the Devil knew this figure. The Devil was a master in just about all forms of fighting, smiting, sewing, and any other forms of creation there was. He used his powers to create items that could give the users great and intense power, the users were his followers. No one but the Devil himself knew how many were created. Though the several that were found are known far and wide around Japan. One of the powers all of the artifacts share is the item begins to fuse its self to the user in some way or another. Another power is when one user wears all the artifacts at once, over time, said wearer will become the devil reincarnated. One other thing that the Artifacts have in common is that they all have an eye on them some where (The eye isnt mentioned in all of the descriptions)

The Cape
The Cape artifact is a sight to behold. The cape has tremendous beauty among capes. It is 6 feet long and has a width of 4 feet. It is a midnight black with a dark flame like emblem on the bottom. Around the sideís, the cape has the most majestic color of gold trim anyone could ever see. Though a side from the looks of the cape, it has a pretty cool power the user is granted. This article of clothing grants the wearer the power to fly and use a few wind type ninjutsu

The Horned Helmet
The Helmet has a fearful look to it. This helmet has 3 horns on it, one on the right, one on the left, and one in the middle. The horns are about 9 inches long sticking up in the air. The overall color of this horrific site is a dull blackened color. The texture though is much worse. It looks to have a rough rock like texture, the truth is that there are small razor like shrap metal. The user must watch out for how to grab the helmet. The power though of this armory is the true reason to be fearful. It has the power of fire and can produce a shield from it. The fire becomes a shield and is has hot as the hottest of fires besides the fire on the sun. The helmet also grants a few fire jutsuís.

The Ring
The ring isnít fearful nor that beautiful looking. The base of it is rose gold with some iron mixed into the molecules and such. The ring has a shiny and reflective ruby in it. The ruby is the only one like it. This ruby is the most perfect shade of red with gleaming sparkles that make all who look at it just admire it for a few. The ringís ability is Camouflage. When the right words are spoken in order, the ring turns the user into a invisible Figure. The camouflage isnít invincible though, if light hits the person in a certain way, anyone could see them.

The Body Armor
The body armor is like the Horned Helmet. This piece of armor is just if not more terrifying than the helmet. The texture of this metal thing looks like stone but is made of little razor sharp shrape metal. The shoulder blades have 3 spikes on them each. One towards the top and 2 on near the bottom. Wearing this thing grants the wearer immense durability towards ninjutsuís.

The Book
The book has a brown leather casing. The eye is in the middle of the book with, what seems to be veins, coming from it and merging with the book. This book is full of Old yet powerful forbidden jutsuís ranging from ninjutsu to Taijutsu and to genjutsu. These jutsuís are extremely dangerous to use and to be hit by.

The Scroll
The scroll isnít terrifying, beautiful or anything, it just looks like a normal large scroll but has an eye drawn or implanted onto it. The scroll contains forbidden summoning and sealing type jutsuís.

The Staff

The Sword
The Hell Bone is a huge broadsword. The blade is about 60 inches long, 13 inches in width, and an depth of 1 inch. The handle is a gray-ish maroon color, and is about 14 inches in length. The Hilt is very, very unique. standing with the blade in the ground, there is a Hell Hounds skull with its arm and hand seemed to be clinching to the blade. The eyes and all glow when fused with chakra. On the end of the handle, there is like a spine segment with an eye in it also. The Hell Hound Skull is very life like, and looks like it has the texture of a decade skull. Last thing is, though the sword looks extremely heavy, in the hands of the owner, it is very, very light. The power of this sword is, that it cant go through just about anything and has a bit of a lightning elemental strike to it.

300 Chakra
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The Artifacts
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