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 Lunar Academy

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PostSubject: Lunar Academy   Lunar Academy Icon_minitimeSun May 03, 2009 7:56 pm

Lunar Academy HPIM0711

Welcome to Lunar Academy! Home of the Wolves! Lunar Academy was built in 1947 by Mr. Tom Evans. Tom Evans wanted a high school where everyone could get along and avoid conflict. Well, it worked out at first, but now it's 2009 and Tom, your plan isn't working out too well.

People have broken into cliques, the new headmaster, Justin Williams, is letting in 'others' with the thought to let people get along with them, but this has created two separate class, Day and Night. Guess which one type of group is day and which is at night. Hopefully, you all are smart enough to figure that out.

Some people know about the angels, demons, vampires, people with powers and etc, but not everyone does.

Then, to make the group matter worse, those people are starting to get into it also. They think its funny and will do anything to let their side win, at any cost.

This is turning into a blood match between the groups, no thanks to those nice little Others. Plus, some of the Others sneak into the Day class to make things complicated for everyone.

What will happen between all of the groups? Who will come out on top? Will humans start to die in the process?

Why should you join?
  • New Site!
  • Lots of canons to choose from!
  • Very helpful and kind staff!

Come inside the school:
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Lunar Academy
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