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 The Prologue

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PostSubject: The Prologue   The Prologue Icon_minitimeSat May 09, 2009 3:34 pm

It was a nice peaceful night. A breeze was blowing through the forest, villages and mountain ranges. The breeze blow leafs around and around, rustling through the groves and trees. The ground was fertile and unchanged by mankind. It truly was a beautiful sight to be had. That night was to change the entire world of ninja and other civilizations.

The last breeze of the night swung through the forests, a hand that had no skin on it, rose from the soil. The breeze cleaned the hand off from dirt and continued to clean the rest of the body as it fully came out from the ground. The dark, un-skinned figure stood about 7 feet tall, horns drew from his head, and sharp claws were on his hands. The man started to move forward, dragging his feet along the grassy woodland area.

By daybreak, the man was out of the forest on into a clearing that had a dirt path that led to a nearby village. Once he figured out on where he was, this figure followed the dusty path to the near by village. With each step taken, he made a loud grunting noise. With each grunt he made, two small flames blow out his nose. The flames reaching about 2 feet out and could give someone first degree burns.

When he entered the village, some villagers starred in fear, others cowered away into the nearest building. The devilish man scanned the village and the villagers around him. A grin sneaked its way upon his grim face as he raised his huge right hand and summoned a fire in the palm. The fire was bright red with yellow, orange and white mixed in as it cracked. The villagers sensed the trouble that will befall their village as they saw the fire. A Sinister laugh broke free from the grin on this man. Soon the tyrant shoved the fire from his grip and set blaze to the village.

Screams of horror and terror fill the air around the burning place. The sounds of them made the grin turn into demented smile. Later that day, this man made his way through the burnt village and had exited the other side. The living survivors’ called this man the devil. Devil traveled from town to town looking for things and people to help him. His search was unsuccessful, nothing of importance and no one to manipulate to his will. This man traveled the earth, burning towns and villages down, doing everything he possibly could to cause fear and terror.

On the 100th day of moving, he found a sword worthy of him to give out his power to so it would magnify his own. After the sword was found, the helmet and the cape. The Helmet has a fearful look to it. This helmet has 3 horns on it, one on the right, one on the left, and one in the middle. The horns are about 9 inches long sticking up in the air. The overall color of this horrific site is a dull blackened color. The texture though is much worse. It looks to have a rough rock like texture, the truth is that there are small razor like shrap metal. The cape has tremendous beauty among capes. It is 6 feet long and has a width of 4 feet. It is a midnight black with a dark flame like emblem on the bottom. Around the side’s, the cape has the most majestic color of gold trim anyone could ever see.

A bright and orangey light surrounded the devil and the items. He was giving the items his power so he could spread it around to followers he’ll soon have. The sword got the power to cut through just about anything. The man started to travel once more, scouring the land for more items and followers. His search lead him far away from Japan Devils obtained few followers which with his items, made them almost just like him. Gaining these items and followers allowed his search to go faster.

With all that The devil was finally ready to go forward with his plans. Even before the plans could be realized, 5 strong ninja rose up to defend the world. Each ninja came from a different village from around Japan, and each with different skills the made them unique.

The battle went on for hours, maybe even days. Each blow made by each side made an impact on one another. Finally the hour came to the devils defeat, 2 of his followers gathered the rest of the artifacts of their dead comrade and hid them all over japan, burying them and doing whatever necessary to keep them away from the side the side of humanity.

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The Prologue
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