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 Korgir, Gajeh - Chuunin of Hiroshima - WIP

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Gajeh Korgir

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Korgir, Gajeh - Chuunin of Hiroshima - WIP Empty
PostSubject: Korgir, Gajeh - Chuunin of Hiroshima - WIP   Korgir, Gajeh - Chuunin of Hiroshima - WIP Icon_minitimeThu Jun 04, 2009 4:50 pm

Basic info
Name: Korgir, Gajeh
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Gajeh Korgir doesnt have that much of a complicated personality. He is a nice kids that likes to make his friends and family happy. Along side making his fmaily happy, he likes to go out for walks, hang out with his friends, train some with his family, and helping out others. Gajeh doesnt like the devils, he isnt a god worshipping freak, but its his life and clans goal to stop the devils followers. Other than that he doesnt like selfish and self absorbed people, and others that pic on his friends. Gajeh usually acts a bit shy at first around others, especially new people, but after an hour or so he warms up and is nice and tries to be talkitive. His personality doesnt change much when he's by himself.

Village and Skills
Village: Hiroshima
Rank: Chuunin
Element: Earth, metal
Specialty: Taijutsu

Skill points
~ Ninjutsu - 7
~ Genjutsu - 7
~ Taijutsu - 10
~ Speed - 7
~ Power - 4
~ Intelligence - 7
~ Endurance - 7
~overall: 7

Final info
Goals: Full fill his clans purpose
History: The day was silent in the home village of the Korgir just outside of Hiroshima. A few babies were born this day, including Gajeh Korgir. There was nothing unusual about him, just another baby in the hospital and being smacked around by the doctor like most babies. Gaj was a happy healthy boy. his parents couldnt take him home for a few days do to something or another, and had to stay in the hospital, it wasnt that unusual. Once home Gajeh was laid down in a crib like structure and instantly fell asleep, so comfy.

A few years pssed and Gajeh was 3 years of age. He could sorta talk, say small words like momma and daddy, and stuff like for, to, see, me, I, etc... Also, Gajeh could walk about 20 to 30 feet now, which is most of the house. Beinmg 3 wasnt all that important in his life time but its when he started to grew longer hair. His hair was like silk, soft,orange, and shiney. So far the family was so proud of his talking and walking skills. They all hope soon he can begin his family training.

It was time for the academy. Gajeh is 6 years old now and is going to the hiroshima academy. UIt wasnt that long of a walk to get there either, but he'd be around others so later on in life he could blend in with their ways.

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Korgir, Gajeh - Chuunin of Hiroshima - WIP
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