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 Ogata, Rinsaku :: Konohagakure - ANBU

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PostSubject: Ogata, Rinsaku :: Konohagakure - ANBU   Ogata, Rinsaku :: Konohagakure - ANBU Icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2008 1:52 am

Basic info
Name: Ogata, Rinsaku
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Rinsaku is slightly tall for a girl, standing at five foot seven, weighing about a hundred and twenty five pounds. She has long, auburn colored hair that looks choppy, each lock falling at different lengths, the longest reaches to her lower back. Rinsaku parts it to the side, starting on the right side of her face and falling to her left, she also has subtle blonde streaks. Her eyes are a deep amber, much like her personality, they are quiet. Rinsaku has slightly paled skin and slim in body type, not muscular, but toned.

Her attire usually consists of dark and easy to move in material. Rinsaku wears a black top that crops just at her ribs and it fishnets across her chest. Aroun her kneck, she sometimes wears a very light weight scarf. On her hands there are fingerless gloves and she wears a kote on both her forearms. Rinsaku also wears leather elbow protectors and more thick fishnet that reaches her upper arms. She has a long, slitted skirt that ends at her claves and on her feet, Rinsaku wears black, standard shinobi sandals.

Personality: Rinsaku is pretty kept to herself, though she's not really shy, per say. Though she may not head the right way in life all the time, she has good intentions, and lives by her morals and knows the difference between right and wrong. She doesn't trust people very easily and can be sort of hostile at first meetings. Like many others, Rinsaku had a past that didn't leave her with the happiest of memories or in the best of places. She's very independent and very much willing to help others who are struggling. After she left her family, Rinsaku was determined to find a purpose in life and something to actually fight for. She's very much of a thinker and will often over analyze situations, leading her to jump to her own conclusions. Even in that flaw, she is quite clever. Rinsaku is tougher than she looks, and enjoys training and pushing herself to new limits. She doesn't get annoyed all that often, but when she fights, she is driven by an unknown hatred and a hunger for strength. That makes her feel very two sided, which also causes her to often keep to herself.

Village and Skills
Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Captain of ANBU Squad One
Element: Fire // Lightning // Wind
Specialty: Ninjutsu

Skill points
~ Ninjutsu 30
~ Genjutsu 10
~ Taijutsu 15
~ Speed 15
~ Power 10
~ Intelligence 20
~ Endurance 10
~overall: 15.71

Final info
Goals: To continue to follow through with her missions with out failure and to protect Konoha and the ones she loves with every fiber of her being.
History: Rinsaku was born to a very poor, very young couple in Kumogakure. A man by the name of Sorodatai, he worked in a leather shop as a young apprentice, barely making enough money to support young Rinsaku and his wife, Rika. Rika was a house maid and earned as little money as her husband did. As most young love starts, the pair was madly in love with each other, and with Rinsaku. Money never seemed to be an issue as long as they were able to keep each other happy. Rinsaku stayed an only child, though lonely in her first years, she was glad just to have parents that loved her as much as they did. Things seemed to always get better, and quickly. When Rinsaku was four, the three moved out of their dusty home and into a quaint farm-like house. It was an incredible feat, yet Rinsaku wasn't a dumb child. She was curious about how her parents had gotten the money to support them so well all of a sudden. Though, Rinsaku never had the guts to ask them about it, nor the attention span, for she was a growing child. Money, at the time, was the least of her issues. Her issues were going to school, and learning the ways of the ninja. Rinsaku never had many friends, for she was too shy and had a stutter, at the time. Eventually, she'd grow out of that.

Her lacking charismatic ability of making friends at school made her feel sad. She started to become so unlike her parents, who were very likable people. They'd obviously gotten new jobs, seeing as how they both brought in enough support, though what they did, Rinsaku never knew. Every time she asked about their work, she'd get vague to no answers. School continued on and Rinsaku made it through as best as she could, pushing herself to be one of the top five in her entire class. Soon enough it would be off to the ninja academy, that of which Rinsaku was extremely excited for. She started when she was thirteen years old. Her parents had caught onto her joy, doing everything they could to help her with her fighting skills, especially Rinsaku's father. Unknown to her, Sorodatai was excellent in taijutsu. He taught Rinsaku many styles of hand to hand combat and taught her to be quick on her feet. Rika pushed for Rinsaku's grades, teaching her that intelligence was grace and beauty to a woman.

t was when Rinsaku was eleven, she became a Genin, graduating at the top of her class, thanks to the unexpected teaching of skills from her parents. As she trained with her team and sensei, thats when Rinsaku started to develop her two sided personality. When she wasn't training or fighting, Rinsaku became very passive and stoic, though not entirely cold. Making friends was still hard for her and she started to develop a fear of being the center of attention. Frustrated, her parents tried pushing her out of that stage, but Rinsaku only grew angered at their distaste and withdrew away from them, though only slightly. It was when she trained vigorously, Rinsaku's ravenous side came out. She'd fight hard and with so much anger, she developed a craving which lead her to excel, surpassing the skill of her teammates.

It was coming time of the Chuunin Exams when Rinsaku had a fall out with her parents. It was rather unexpected, and quite frankly, it scared her. Rinsaku was coming home from lunch with her team when she arrived to see another person, a shinobi from the looks of it, at her home. He had on a forehead protector, yet the village was unidentifiable. Apparently, the man had come looking for Rinsaku, hearing of her anger drive, which was undeniable, and thought that she would be a useful asset to his group. Knowing nothing of the man, and not even caring to, Rinsaku immediately refused, but her parents protested. They worked with the unknown shinobi and the mystery behind their new business was revealed. Sorodatai and Rika were Missing-Nin in hiding, working for an underground business that illegally stole and resold weapons of value. Rinsaku was speechless, stunned by the truth. Eventually, the man left, not taking Rinsaku. Her parents were disappointed that she wouldn't follow their footsteps, yet that didn't bring Rinsaku out of her stupor. She walked around in a haze for the next week, still afraid.

A year after the Chuunin Exams, when Rinsaku was fourteen, the man appeared again. This time, he'd come to her while she was heading out on a mission. Again, he asked her to join him, and again, Rinsaku refused. She'd come to the decision that she would never follow her parents paths, but still never even told anyone about their business, honestly, Rinsaku could never bring herself to do that to her parents. Instead of letting her get off easily, the man attacked. The two fought and unfair match and Rinsaku was easily taken down and kidnapped. When she became conscious, they were still in the outskirts of Suna. Having the advantage this time, Rinsaku fought the man again, angrier this time. Her rage satisfied in landing a knock out hit on the unknown shinobi. Making her way back to Sunagakure, Rinsaku couldn't find her parents. Her house was still filled with her things, along with her parents. So, Rinsaku stayed there, hiding for the next two days. In the end, Rinsaku figured that they'd left once they'd found out she was gone. Dreading the true reason for their desertion, Rinsaku left to Konohagakure.

Upon her arrival, Rinsaku fell into that stoic mode again, only working for her pleasure, also becoming a nin in Kohona. For the next four years, Rinsaku took care of herself, living in a small home on the outskirts, making a living off of odd jobs around the town. She also began working her way up in the ranks. It was that drive for power when she fought that kept her strong. That drive began to consume her, scaring her along the way. Rinsaku feared that the craving for power would lead her in the wrong direction. And, knowing what she stood for, Rinsaku wasn't about to let that happen. She let her strength carry her to becoming a Jounin when she was sixteen. And just shortly after her seventeenth birthday, Rinsaku became an ANBU in Konoha. Her strength and intelligence quickly increased in union with her understanding. The more she learned as an ANBU, the easier it was to surpass her higher ups. Through vairous missions, Rinsaku worked her way up to being captain of Squad One by the time she was twenty two.

Since then, her squad has done well in all of their missions, so far failing none. Rinsaku had always stressed that failing was hardly and option. Success was always visible so long as they kept their sights on it. Rinsaku had also grown to be particularly strict in terms of battle, yet she belives in doing what is necessary for the greater good of Konoha. Currently, she is seeing someone, yet no one knows who he is..Or so they, think..Not even Rinsaku's teammates could guess..but he is a Sannin in Konoha..



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Normal Clothing Only (Rinsaku has red hair)

Ogata, Rinsaku :: Konohagakure - ANBU Ninja
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Ogata, Rinsaku :: Konohagakure - ANBU
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