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 Administration & Moderator Rule's

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Administration & Moderator Rule's Empty
PostSubject: Administration & Moderator Rule's   Administration & Moderator Rule's Icon_minitimeFri May 30, 2008 6:32 pm

These are the Rule's and Responsibilities of the Administrator's and Moderator's have.

1) Approving
Once a Admin or Mod gets on, you are required to look through the Creation Section for new things to be approved. Well you like it or not, you need to do this for It can go fast and the creator wont bug you as much, But yea, please you guy's the Sooner we get these things done the more time we have for rping and/or yelling at the user's if need be.

2) OOC thread's
Admins and moderators please look at the OOC thread's. Just look through them and see if there are argument's. We need to do this to make sure people are following the rule's, and if they aren't we admins can give out the appropriate Punishment.

3) Activeness
Admin's and Moderator's, you guy's need to be active, or at least get on the forum once a day to check up for thing's to approve and OOC threads in need of inspection. Most Admins will have some position of power within a village so that is another reason for you admins and moderators need to get on and be active.
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Administration & Moderator Rule's
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