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 General Forum/Rp Rule's

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PostSubject: General Forum/Rp Rule's   General Forum/Rp Rule's Icon_minitimeFri May 30, 2008 6:35 pm

These are the rules of the site, Follow them!

1) NO god-modding.
God-modding is when you make youíre character ďall powerful.Ē Thatís no fun for anyone. You have to lose some time. So just DONíT! Difference in rank is the only thing that changes that rule. (Genin vs. Sannin) now the Auto-hitting rule also applies, Even though genin Vs. Sannin is a huge Power difference, There is some slight luck that the genin could slip and fall, or trip themselves by Mistake, but that is a slight chance o that happening.

Example: (Genin Vs. Genin = Not ok for God modd)
Naro threw some kunai at Sasuke. Sasuke Dodged all the Kunai with ease. Sasuke then Shot out his Pheonix fire jutsu. Naro takes every hit but is fine, There is not a scratch on him. He smiled and ran at sasuke with a sword and slashes. Sasuke disappeared and reappeared behind Naro.

Example: (Genin[Naro] Vs. Sannin[Sasuke])
Sasuke stepped forward to teach this Pitiful genin a lesson. Naro looked at the Sannin Thinking this was going to be a peace of cake. Naro Takes off running towards Sasuke. Sasuke smiles and disappears and reappears behind Naro. Sasuke Hit's Naro in the back of the head.

2) No auto-hitting.
I shouldnít have to explain this, but I will. Itís when you say the outcome of your attack. You have to give the other person a chance to defend themselves.
Maro Looked at his opponent and ran at him. He jumped and slashed at Sasuke. Naro landed and watched Sasuke bleed intensely from the cut he had just made. Sasuke stands and grabs his wound and takes off with a limp and hit's Naro with a punch.

3) Be respectful to other members.
Try not to get into fights in the Ooc threads or Pm's, The Administraters donít want to see that. If you have a problem with someone, be mature about it and contact one of the Administarters know and let them help resolve it. Really, Youíre not a two-year-old. If we see anyone Arguing in more then two OOC threads, That person/person's will have a temporary ban for 1 day. Next time it happens 2 day ban, and if it happens more after that, there will be a temporary ban.

Example: (A non-banable argument)
Naro = My Favorite Naruto character is Kimimaro b/c He could whoop every one else.
Sasuke = No Sasuke is the best, he could beat kimimao in heart beat.

Now if that is the argument, there wont be really any consequences, unless it gets out of hand.

Example: (Ban-able argument.)
Naro = Kimimaro is the best b/c he can beat the S*** Out of anyone.
Sasuke = W/e B**** Sasuke could whoop Kimimaro's A**
Naro = Who you calling a B**** You P****

Now thing's like that Is a ban there.

4) Be respectful to the staff.
The Administrator's run the site. Please do not get angry at them if the don't not approve your thing's needed within a few hours. They have lives and have other things they need to take care of. Do not bug the Moderators either. They are in the same boat as the Administration, except they don't run the site. One of the Administrator's will be on at one time or another and will get things approved.

5) 1 character per member.
Every user is allowed 1 character and 1 account. There will be Daily Ip check's and if a user has 2 account's, The administrator's will talk to you and tall you what will happen. The most likely thing that will happen is that the user's first account will be deleted and the user will have to deal with it. If it happens more then twice, there will be a deletion of both Accounts and a ban on that user. Both characters must be from the same village

6) Don't Spam.
Please do not Spam in the OOC sections. It does get annoying for the Administration to have to read and possibly delete the posts. Again do not Post useless posts in place's like the Creation area. There is no need for anyone except the Administratiors or Moderaters to post in the Creation section, unless you are creating something there.

7) Have fun!
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General Forum/Rp Rule's
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