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PostSubject: Ninja Template   Ninja Template Icon_minitimeMon May 26, 2008 3:05 pm

Basic info
Age: [if akatsuki, please make the character 18 or older]
Appearance: [What does your Character look like? Go into detail on everything if ya can, Needs to be 4 full lines even if you have a picture]
Personality: [Likes? Dis likes? How does your character act like around others]

Village and Skills
Village: [Hiroshima, Nagasaki, devils Thorn]
Element: List of Elements, click here [genin = 1 element, Chuunin = 2, Jounin and above =3 elements]
Specialty: [There is One Skill your character is better at then the others, what is it? look down for the skills]

Skill points [Each Rank as a certain number of skill points they can use. Doing missions can raise the number, but that rank can only in crease the number by 25, Example Genin - 35, they can eventually have 60 skill points]

Genin - 35 Skill points to use
Chuunin - 49 skill points
Jounin - 70 Skill pints
Anbu - 77 Skill points
Sannin/Devils Thorn members - 130 Skill points
Kage/Devils Thorn leader - 160 Skill points

~ Ninjutsu [includes Chakra control, Element damage, Hand seal speeds]
~ Genjutsu [How effective the illusion works, How long it lasts]
~ Taijutsu [Mastery of hand-to-hand combat, Speed of hits]
~ Speed [Includes running, Speed to escape]
~ Power [How strong taijutsu is, how strong the hits are, etc....}
~ Intelligence [smarts, strategy making, Talking your way out of things (cunning)]
~ Endurance [How much damage you can take]
~overall: [add up the points and divide by 7]

Final info
History: [characters life, from Academy to what ever rank, till today so we can say. You can have more lines than require for a certain rank if wanted, just be descriptive]
~ Genin - 6 full lines
~ Chuunin - 9 full lines
~ Jounin - 13 Full lines
~ Anbu - 14 Full lines
~ Sannin/Akatsuki member - 16 lines
~ Kage/Akatsuki Leader - 20 or more]


[b][u][size=18]Basic info[/size][/b][/u]

[b][u][size=18]Village and Skills[/size][/b][/u]

[b]Skill points[/b]
~ Ninjutsu
~ Genjutsu
~ Taijutsu
~ Speed
~ Power
~ Intelligence
[u]~ Endurance[/u]

[b][u][size=18]Final info[/size][/u][/b]
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Ninja Template
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