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 Ninja Ranks

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PostSubject: Ninja Ranks   Ninja Ranks Icon_minitimeFri May 30, 2008 6:37 pm

Academy Student - This is the Lowest rank of ninja. These ninja are usely from the age's of 7 to 12. They are still learning in the academy on how to do the basic jutsu's. They are not aloud to do mission's, and are taught by usually a chuunin rank teacher. They are taught Bunshin no Jutsu, Kawarimi no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu, Nawanuke no jutsu, and Genjutsu kai, Academy student's can only learn E ranked jutsu. They are also taught basic acadimic studies, such as math, history, science, and even english. Everyone has a choice to start out as a Academy student.

Genin - Genin rank is also one of the low rank's. To get to this rank, you must pass a test in the academy. Now each village has a different test to become genin, like in Konoha you must henge the teacher pretty well to pass, and in Kiri, the Academy student must kill the other student's to pass. These ninja are allowed to do E to D rank mission's, and even possibly a C rank here and there. As genin you may also learn Higher ranked jutsu, such as Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. They are allowed to know 1 C-rank Jutsu and any rank under that. Gennin will beplaced under a Jounin rank teacher or possibly chuunin if need be.

Chuunin - Chuunin rank is a more responsibile and respectable rank the genin and Academy student's. To get this rank, you must take a special exam that is held once a year in a village. All the Village's send there genin shinobi to the village with their sensei. This test Can be held in any village. Depending on the village, depends on what the 2nd part of the test wil be like. Chuunin Ninja are able to lear 2 B-ranked jutsu and an unlimited amount of the other ranks. They are also allowed to go on some B-ranked missions but will mainly be going on C-ranked mission's. Chuunin are able to lead mission's and lead a team of genin.

Jounin - Jounin's are major potsion's with in a village. These are high ranking ninja that most ninja will be if they dont die. Jounin are able to learn 1 A-rank jutsu and an unlimited amount of the other rank's. Jounin are able to do All sort's of mission's but usually do B-ranked mission's. They are also able to Lead team's that consist of Chuunin and genin. When a village is under attack, Jounin are the main onrotect it, The chuunin help get the other gennin and academy student's to the safty place's that each village has.

Anbu - Special Jounin are special. They are Jounin's but Have a more special job. Most of these guy's are like Top interigator's of the villages police force. These also include procture's for the chuunin exam, most Anbu shinobi, and hunter ninja. These Shinobi carry out the high priority mission's such as S-rank and A-rank mission's. Special jounin are also responcible for hunting down Missing ninja. These are also the ninja that are used to go on Assassination mission's, when they are needed. These special Juonin are able to learn 5 A-ranked jutsu and can learn an unlimited amount of jutsu of the other ranks.

Sannin/Devils Thorn member's - Sannin are The most Elite Ninja in a village beside's the kage. They have the Power of the kage but not the power over the village as kage's do. Sannin also will be in charge of a team of Genin and possibly chuunin. The ninja trained under them are expected to become great shinobi, but that doesnt alway's happen. Sannin are also in charge of the village when the Kage is not present, or incapacitated. Sannin also Help protect the Village, They usually lead the defensive forces. Sannin is a very Prestige and respectable rank, Only a select few make it to this rank. (Most of this info Is also For the Devils thorn ninja) Devils Thorn Members also have great power almost equal to the kage's and sannin.
Sannin and Devils Thorn Ninja Are also able to learn 3 S-rank jutsu and all the amount of jutsu for the other rank's.

Kage/Devils Leader - These are the most skilled and respected ninja with in a village. They are in charge of an Entire village's. They also Have a council that helps them with things from time to time. Kage's can learn a unlimited amount of jutsu for any rank. Kage's dont usually do missions, but they have Done alot of mission's up to that particular part of their life. Kage's are also Entrusted to Protect the Village with their live's. The kage might have acouple of pupil's to teach, doubtful since he/she is running a village. The kage hand's out mission's and assign's team's.

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Ninja Ranks
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